Fairy Light Tree

Create a space-saving Christmas Tree

Illuminate living room walls and any other space where there isn’t enough room for a Christmas tree, by using Command™ Clear Hooks and Decorating Clips to create this modern, alternative Christmas tree using fairy lights and real decorations.

Command™ products and other materials needed to make your modern Christmas tree:

How to make an alternative fairy light Christmas Tree

Even if space is limited, there's no reason not to decorate for the festive season. So brighten up your home with this enchanting fairy light tree.

  • 1. To create your modern Christmas tree, mark out the shape with a string of fairy lights, starting at the top of the tree, and place a Command™ Clear Decorating Clip at the end of each branch.

  • Fairy Light Tree
  • 2. If you need to adjust the shape of the tree, the clips can be easily removed without leaving any marks. To reuse the clip simply attach a new Command™ Strip.

  • Hanging Christmas Decorations
  • 3. Once you’re happy with the shape, hang your decorations upon the tree using Command™ Clear Mini Hooks, distributing the shapes and colours evenly.

  • Fairy Light Tree Close Up
  • 4. Command™ Clear Hooks are available in small, medium or large and are ideal for hanging decorations such as the star at the top of the tree.

  • Command™ Clear Hook
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