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Got a question? See below for frequently asked questions regarding Command™ products, common uses and surfaces, and our troubleshooting guide.

Product Information and Use

  • A: Command™ Products are a great alternative to nails or screws, 3M™ adhesive holds on strongly yet stretches off cleanly.
    Command™ Picture Hanging Strips are our best selling products and are ideal for for hanging all sizes of frames on the wall (see packs for size and weight guides). They are great for creating collages and galleries without the risk of wall damage.
    Command™ Hooks and Clips are perfect for cupboards, lockers, offices, kitchens, utility rooms, kids' room, baths, boats and campers. Each package of hooks comes with extra strips so the hooks can be reused or repositioned.
    Command™ Party and Clear Products are ideal for seasonal decorating when you want a more discreet hook and to make the decoration the feature.

  • A: Command™ Products and Strips come in a range of different sizes, types and designs. Please see packs and/or product detail pages for information on weight limits, holding power and maximum frame sizes (Picture Hanging Strips).

  • A: See our guides to selecting the right size and amount of Command™ Picture Strips for your frame

    Command™ Picture Hanging Strips
    Hold Strongly to a variety of surfaces
    Strip Size Product Number Sets of Strips in pack Each Set Holds Up To Each Pack Holds Up To Max Frame Size
    Small 17202 4 0.5 kg 1.8 kg 20cm x 25cm
    Medium 4 pack 17202-4pk 4 1.4 kg 5.4 kg 45cm x 60cm
    Large 17206 4 1.8 kg 7.2 kg 60cm x 90cm
    Medium 3 pack 17201
    (DIY Stores Only)
    3 1.4 kg 4 kg 25cm x 45cm
    Narrow 17207 4 1.4 kg 5.4 kg 45cm x 60cm

    Max Frame Size Max Weight Number of Sets (Pairs) of Strips Required
    17202 17201-4pk 17207 17206
    cms inches Kg Lbs Small Strips Medium Strips Narrow Strips Large Strips
    8cm x 13cm up to 3" x 5" 450 g 1 lb 1
    up to 13cm x 18cm up to 5" x 7" 900 g 2 lbs 2
    up to 18cm x 23cm up to 7" x 9" 1.3 kg 3 lbs 3 1 1
    up to 20cm x 25cm up to 8" x 10" 1.8 kg 4 lbs 4 2 2 1
    up to 40cm x 50cm up to 16" x 20" 3.6 kg 8 lbs 3 3 2
    up to 45cm x 60cm up to 18" x 24" 5.4 kg 12 lbs 4 4 3
    up to 60cm x 90cm up to 24" x 36" 7.2 kg 16 lbs 4

    All Command™ Picture Hanging Strips include 4 sets

  • A: The one-hour wait ensures that the adhesive has had enough time to build strong adhesion to the wall or surface before any weight is placed on it. After initial application we always recommend that you remove the frame (Command™ Picture Strips) or Hook Piece (Command™ Hooks) from the wall, in order to press firmly on the strips for 30 seconds. Leave for at least one hour before rehanging/reattaching.

  • A: Command™ adhesive is designed to stay in place for as long as you need it to, and will stay put for many years. Therefore Command™ Hooks and be used as temporary or permanent hanging solutions. When you do want to take them down, they stretch off cleanly, without damaging your walls.

  • A: Always ensure the surface is dry and is free from dust or grease. For perfect preparation we advise the surface is cleaned using isopropyl rubbing alcohol or methylated spirits, wipe gently and let dry. Do not use household cleaners.

  • A: Many household cleaners leave behind a very thin layer of residue that affects how strongly the adhesive will bond to the surface.

  • A: No. We don't recommend it.

  • A: No, we do not recommend using general hooks or strips on the ceiling, due to weight bearing load. However, Command™ Ceiling Hooks in our party range can be used for lightweight paper decorations.

  • A: Simply heat up the base plate with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive. Then use dental floss to gently cut through the foam to remove the hook or hanger from the surface. Stretch or peel off the remaining adhesive.

  • A: No. Command™ Strips contain an adhesive that is a synthetic rubber resin and does not contain natural rubber latex.

  • A: Command™ Products are available at all good DIY, high street and grocery retailers and online. See where to buy page for full list of retailers


Climate and Temperature

Trouble Shooting

  • A: Simply heat up the base plate with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive. Then use dental floss to gently cut through the foam to remove the hook or hanger from the surface. Stretch or peel off the remaining adhesive.

  • A: Ensure that you have left at least one-hour before you hang your picture frame. Once you have positioned the frame in initial application, we always recommend that you remove the frame from the wall (grab frame at the bottom and peel off surface) . Once the frame is taken down, then make sure you press firmly on all the strips again for 30 seconds to ensure they are firmly in place (i.e. press on strips on the wall and on the back of the frame). Wait one hour before rehanging picture (to allow the adhesive to bond), and when doing so, listen for the 'click' to ensure the strips are 'locked' in place.

  • Ensure strips have been separated along perforations before pairing together.
    Ensure you have pushed each set of strips firmly through the frame for 30 seconds when first applied.
    For further infornation please contact our customer information centre on 0800 1218692.

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