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The Making of the Command™ Brand TV advert

  • Life and love are amazing things. They’re the building blocks for every great story. And helping you tell those stories is exactly why we created Command™ Picture Hanging Strips. Our new TV ad is about capturing the milestones in our lives, and how Command™ Picture Hanging Strips can help you display those special moments.

    From rollercoasters and wind machines to amazing paper art, take a look behind the scenes to see how we put it all together.

  • Illustration

    Editing and Illustration

    To create a memorable advert with an emotional message, we decided to use a blend of simplicity and technology. Each scene was shot individually, using a variety of stills and video cameras. Our creative team, meanwhile, was hard at work crafting each and every background out of coloured paper. Then, we used some brilliant video editing software to put each background in place – like the park behind the bench.

  •  Model in red dress

    Stop-Motion Photography

    Conventional filming techniques can make it tricky to show the passage of time in just a few seconds. And that’s why we decided to use stop-motion photography. In the scene showing the mum-to-be’s pregnant bump, we used different outfits, in different shots – adding layers of padding in each one to show the progression of her pregnancy. Stop-motion is no mean feat – the mum-to-be had to remain completely still, with our producer changing the position of her hands in tiny increments. The 100’s of individually photographed frames were then put together to create the illusion of fluid movement.

  • Props

    Hand-Building Props

    To give the advert a really unique feel, we decided to hand-build the majority of our props. In fact, even the photobooth we used for the wedding scene was built entirely on-set. And if you’re wondering whether our rollercoaster seat was real, it was (although we do admit that the background and blustery wind were the work of some very talented artists – and a wind machine!)

  • Filming Wall

    Creating the Wall Gallery

    Just like our props, the gallery you see in our final reveal was built entirely by hand. We used Command™ Picture Hanging Strips to attach every frame to a wall that was specially built, on the set. The team found the strips incredibly easy to use – and were amazed at how well they held every single piece of the final shot in place.

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