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Christmas Hallway

Decorate your Hallway for Christmas

Fill your hallway with Christmas joy this yuletide season with Command™ Hooks and Strips. Use wreaths, stockings or fairy lights for a traditional festive look.

Command™ products and other materials needed to decorate your hallway for Christmas:

How to decorate your hallway for Christmas with no damage:

  • 1. Place Command™ Clear Decorating Clips along your banister and add a winding ivy garland. This will give a nice traditional look.

  • Winding Ivy Garland
  • 2. To hang the stockings, use Command™ Brushed Nickel Metal Hooks - available in small and medium holding up to 1.4kg.

  • Command™ Brushed Nickel Metal Hook
  • 3. Finally, create a Christmas themed picture gallery up the stairs with Command™ Picture Hanging Strips. Try your composition on the floor first and experiment with different sized frames.

  • Christmas Themed Picture Gallery
  • 4. Command™ Picture Hanging Strips are available in a range of sizes to suit the weight of your frame and won’t leave any marks when removed.

  • Removing Command™ Picture Hanging Strips
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