Memory Feature Wall

Memory Feature Wall

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Materials needed:


Tell your story in a unique way with a feature memory wall

  • 1. Choose the area in your home that you wish to update. This could be a bare wall in your living room, a child's play room or even your study. Depending on the colour scheme of the room you are updating, and the wall transfer you chose, pick items that will complement.

  • Final Feature Memory Wall
  • 2. Pick out some items to hang on your memory wall. Perhaps you could focus on a specific event, such as your wedding, holiday or birth of a child - you could even turn it into family tree!

  • Mother & Baby Picture Hanging
  • 3. To hang photo frames or canvases, Command™ Picture Hanging Strips are ideal. You can take a small birdcage and clip photos or quirky post cards to it, and then hang it using a Command™ Clear Hook so that it blends in with the wall.

  • Hanging Birdcage
  • 4. Use the Command™ Clear Mini Hooks to hang lighter items such as a little trinkets or fabric decorations and if you decide you want to move your items around, Command™ Strips remove easily without causing any damage to your walls.

  • Hanging Trinket
  • 5. Try laying out all of your items out on the floor to see if the design works before you hang.

  • Hanging Pictures
  • 6. Now it is time to hang up your design! Follow the on pack instructions when using Command™ Products.

  • Hanging Vase of Roses
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